What is a ‘Safety Fast’ Funkhana?

At GOF Central 2020, MGs will have a chance to actually get out of 2nd gear in a competitive event on an actual race track! Yes, you actually may hear squealing tires! 

The course is a roughly ¼ mile asphalt oval track, with some interesting ‘tweaks’ added to make the event interesting and safe. It can be driven alone, or with a navigator, your choice. The fastest time wins.  Horsepower does give an edge, which is why there will be two classes, one for MGs up to and including 1955, and the second, MGs 1956 and later.

In addition, each class will be divided into ‘rookies’ and ‘vets’, to give new drivers a chance. However, other skills do affect your time as well. Registration is near the water tower.  So what is the typical scenario or run?

Let’s take your (fill in the blank) through the course. You notice the starter waving you to the start/finish line. A red light is in front of you. It turns green, the clock starts, and you are off, quickly moving into 2nd gear as you round the first turn. You gain speed, are tempted to hit 3rd, but pylon balloons suddenly appear, and you hit the brakes, swerving either left or right to weave through them, break one, and time (10 seconds) is added to your run.  They seem to go on forever down the back stretch, finally they end and you accelerate briefly, then brake and pull into a ‘garage’ at the third corner.  You back out of the garage, and continue backwards, (no pylons this time) and back into another garage near the fourth turn. You pull out forward, hit second gear, maybe third on the home stretch, and slam on the brakes at the finish line. Expect some tire noise! 

The two foot wide finish line is where your front tires must be stopped to stop the clock. Go too far? Back up and stop!  

Now you can relax a little, the timer is off, let your heart slow down a bit, the fast stuff is over, but other skills now come into play. That is why it is a ‘Funkhana’. Look over your shoulder, back up, and parallel park next to a curb.  Once parked, you will be handed 3 ‘pub’ darts. Toss these at a target. Each ‘stick’ is worth a second off your time.  Max score is 3 ‘sticks’.  Your dart score is converted into seconds off your time.  

You are done!  Pull forward and exit to the right, park somewhere and watch the rest of the field compete.