VCR - Valve cover racing

Valve Cover Racers are custom crafted vehicles which must incorporate a British car valve cover.


The rules of the 2020 GOF Valve Cover Races (VCR) are designed to provide a fun, safe event, and so that all participants have an equal chance of winning. The main goal of the VCR is to have FUN! The rules below are broken up into 3 sections, the course, the cars and the race. The course shall be provided by the GOF committee. All VCR cars shall be casually inspected prior to the start of the race to ensure safety. Any racer found to be unsafe will be offered help to make it safe. Pit tools will be on hand. No smoke bombs as races may be indoors. Winners will be digitally weighed. Final disposition of rules rests with the race chairperson.

This is a description of the VCR track:

The course shall consist of a launch incline eight (8) feet long.
There will be a level run out of twenty (20) feet.
The launch incline shall be divided into two (2) lanes, each 18 inches wide.
The incline shall be two (2) feet high at the rearmost part and level with the course at the front edge.
The front edge shall be mitered so as to provide a smooth transition as possible from the incline to the run out area.
The official “starting line” shall be 24” from the rear edge of the incline. A mechanized starting gate may be provided.
The run out section of the course shall consist of two (2) lanes, each 18”or more wide at the base of the ramp. or tapered wider at the sides near the end. The lanes shall be clearly marked.
The finish line shall be marked twenty (20) feet from the beginning of the incline.


All Valve cover race cars are to be made from a valve cover or cam cover of a British automobile. Valve covers from motorcycle and commercial trucks, buses etc. are not allowed. If you use a rare or non-common valve cover, pleas provide proof of its origin to the valve cover race event chairman.   The cars shall have no power source other than gravity. (i.e. no springs motors, etc.).
All weights shall be kept within the confines of the valve cover. At no time shall the valve cover racer be allowed to drop or shed weight onto the race course.
There are two weight classes, up to 12 lbs, and up to 30 lbs. A digital scale will be used to weigh the winning Valve Cover Racers.
Wheelbase shall be of a length to allow free standing on the 24” start gate.
Wheel track/width shall be no more than fourteen (14) inches.
Valve cover cars must have at least four functioning wheels, each no more than six (6) inches in diameter.
At least four of the wheels must be in contact with the starting ramp.
The front of the VCR racer, wheels or other, must be in contact with the starting gate. No extension is permitted past the 2” high starting gate.


All participants are to remain clear of the race track. Racing will not begin, or will be stopped at the event chairman’s discretion if someone is on the track. Only the VCR owners (or designate) will place the VCR on the track.
The owner or their designate will catch the racer once it has crossed the finish line at the end of the race.
Cars will be run in heats of two (2) cars each.
Race will be double elimination random draw pairings.
The VCRs are to be launched with the forward most part of the VCR touching the 2” starting gate.
The first VCR to have its forward most part cross the finish line is the winner.
If neither VCR makes it to the finish line, the VCR going the furthest wins as long as that VCR remained within the race course boundaries. If neither VCR remained within the race course boundaries, then the race will be re-run.
If the wheels of a VCR should cross the center lane markers or into the other’s VCR’s lane, it becomes the loser for that race.
Winning VCRs will advance to the next round until all are eliminated except one VCR. Awards will be given at the Awards banquet.

All races will be photo finished, (i.e. a smart phone) and if a winner is in question, the photo/video will be reviewed by both racers. If a tie, race will be run once again. Note: Many races are that close, within an inch...


Valve Cover Racing at the Alden Sports Car show